Become a Certified Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist™ in California

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Sunsweet started working with Ms. De Lima to clean up our FMLA intermittent leaves. I was not the original person for the task but after much consideration, it was determined that I would take over the medical leave management. I started with a little knowledge regarding medical leaves, but I have worked closely with Beth’s Leave Management Team for approximately 4 -5 months, and now I’m able to manage 20 leaves at any given time with confidence. I have been using their leave letters and forms with little or no knowledge of the FMLA, CFRA, ADA or workers compensation regulations and I was able to master the letters within a few days. I keep them on speed dial to assist with any new case that I am unsure about, and they are quick to help me get things under control immediately. I would highly recommend them to any company needing assistance. They are very knowledgeable, friendly, and timely in all of their work.”

Control FMLA Intermittent Leaves with ConfidenceForms to Drive HR Processes

Sunsweet Growers, Personnel Scheduler

“Learned a lot working with Beth. She was super responsive to our organization’s needs, always helpful and extremely easy to work with. I really appreciate that Beth always took the time to listen to our Human Resources team and made sure we were comfortable with all the technical aspects of pro-actively managing our medical leave files. I highly recommend Beth to any organization that wants to implement a structure that will enable them to gain control of their medical leave management processes.”

Gain Control of Medical Leave Management Processes

Team Group of Companies, HR Manager

“As the HR Manager of our company, I have been happy to have Ms. DeLima as a resource while we work through our complicated Medical Leave Management cases. Ms. De Lima helped us work through a complex PDL, FMLA, FEHA, CFRA case with several performance management issues and threats of retaliation. The employee ended up leaving our employment. She is a great resource for coordinating the complicated medical leaves in California.”

Resource to Work Through Complicated Medical Leave Cases

ACAA, HR Manager

About Us

We offer HR professionals the most comprehensive and affordable library of pre-written federal, and California state specific, medical leave, and ADA/FMLA resources. This includes compliance forms, letters, checklists, flow charts, and on-demand training. We are committed to creating resources to help you protect your organization from expensive lawsuits, protect from medical leave and accommodation abuse, and providing your employees with the most beneficial care.