The state of California is a hotbed of ADA title two litigation experiencing over 2,500 lawsuits in 2016 ranking number one in the United States. It is imperative to really understand the challenges with the FMLA to ADA transition. Failing to implement ADA/FEHA during the Qualified Individual analysis process can put you out of compliance with both state and federal regulations and can lead to very expensive litigation.    

What will you learn?

  • How do you properly transition from FMLA/CFRA and ADA/FEHA in the state of California?  

  • The importance of this transition process and what those specific pieces are and how they fit into the process. 

  • The denial process for FMLA/CFRA and the conditional designation strategy for determining eligibility under the ADA. 

  • Strategies for obtaining medical certificates and the ongoing medical certification requirement. 

  • What do you do if the employee doesn't provide you the document you need and they keep extending leave? 

  • How does that work under ADA/FEHA when dealing with the intermittent and reduced schedule leave? 

  • How to manage the transition from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA with and without Workers' Comp protection? 

  • If the employee attempts to extend their leave, what's protected under the ADA/FEHA? 

  • Whats the impact on employees healthcare benefits when transitioning from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA? 

  • Learn what is a Qualified Individual with a Disability. 

  • What to do when the FMLA/CFRA benefit is exhausted or they were not eligible? 

  • How to make sure you know the employee is actually qualified to do the job? 

  • Learn the key aspects of evaluating the employee's effectiveness and ability to perform the essential functions of the job with the accommodation and the impact that has on the organization. 

  • How to determine whether they're a Qualified Individual under ADA/FEHA? 

  • What to do if the employee indicates they were harassed, terminated or retaliated against during any conversation? 

  • Avoid THIS common misunderstanding about FMLA/CFRA. 

  • How the employee gets paid when transitioning from FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA? 

This training is a part of the California Medical Leave and Accommodation Management Specialist Certification Course

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Course Curriculum

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    FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA Transition (CA)

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    • Bonus: Integrated Medical Leave & Accommodation Management System™ Welcome

    • FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA Transitions (CA) Course Companion

    • Course Transcript: FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA Transition (CA)

    • Lesson 1 - FLMA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA Transitions

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    • FMLA/CFRA to ADA/FEHA Transition (CA) Assessment

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About Beth De Lima

imgBeth De Lima, MBA,

 Beth is recognized as a leading authority in FMLA/ADA HR compliance with over 27 years of in-the-trenches experience. She has been helping companies implement FMLA/ADA regulations since they were originally enacted in the early 90s’. She is a sought after subject matter expert providing expert testimony for litigations and lawsuits.

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